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Vizio TV Problems – VIZIO TV

Vizio TV Problems – The Cost of Repair

vizio tv problems, vizio tv reviews, lcd tv, vizio tv, vizio lcd tv, lcd tv problems,There have been many reported Vizio TV Problems with consumers recently and the posts and forums are filling up with disgruntled customers wishing for class-action lawsuits swearing they will never buy another Vizio product.  Although the percentage of total customers having problems is relatively small, there are still many issues that seem to be popping up and that small percentage is in due to the large amount of TVs sold from Vizio.  Any number of things can go wrong with electronics and it is important to spend the extra money for an extended warranty when purchasing a television or other expensive electronics product in order to protect your investment.

Many of the posts of customers seem to be having issues getting their TVs fixed under their warranty.  Costco and Wal-mart seem to be the main culprits as far as having problems dealing with customer service to find a resolution to their Vizio TV problems.  Of course these are some of the largest retailers in the country so it’s no wonder we find so many.  Warranty service for Vizio TV problems through the actual company have also been reported to have issues with customers claiming they are being redirected to repair shops that they can never get a hold of or who say they can’t fix it.  Another issue is the high price these repair shops are charging to fix it and in many cases the price is close to the cost of the television.

Vizio TV Problems – Most Common Issues

The most common Vizio TV problems that seem to be popping up is a black screen.  The TV will power on and the power light indicator will come on but nothing will show on the screen.  There are two different versions of this, one where there is nothing on the screen and the other where there is light showing on the screen but the screen remains black.  Talking to repair specialists it does seem that this problem could be any number of things causing the same problem, making it a difficult and expensive fix if the repair shop does not have all the parts on hand to test it with, meaning they have to order them all and hope one works.  Although the issue is usually resolved with a new Power board or Main Unit, also called the mother board of which all the input plugins are attached, it could be any number of other things such as the backlight inverter or LCD controller, also called the T-con board.  Of course there is also a possibility of the screen itself being the issue rendering the TV unfixable.

Another common problem popping up is the remote not working.  This is actually a very easy and inexpensive fix as you can most likely find the part online for under $20.  It is usually a case of the IR Sensor going bad and can be easily replaced.  It could just be a loose wire connecting to the sensor as well.  If there is no power then it is likely just the power board.  There are many components that are all interconnected which means it could be multiple issues.  The problem with many of these is that you may buy the part and it still doesn’t fix the problem meaning it was money wasted.

Vizio TV Problems – Prepare Ahead of Time

The best option is to purchase an extended warranty through a reputable company to avoid Vizio TV problems or those of any other company.  Though there may be some waiting times on resolving the issue this is still your best option to keep from blowing a wad of cash only to end up with a big useless box or throwing more money at the problem with the headache of dealing with customer service.  There are also some local shops in many areas that sell refurbished TVs at very low prices compared to the big chains that have their own warranties and can save you loads of money.  In the end  it’s a crapshoot.  Vizio TV problems do seem to be catching the most attention with defective products lately and as Murphy’s Law predicts the issue never happens till the Warranty runs out.  Do your research before buying a TV, even if that big screen is staring you down and you just happen to have a load of money, go home and research it first.  Write down the brand and model number and hit the internet.  Find what common problems there are with certain televisions, you will always find someone having issues but find out what they are and how often it seems to be occurring.  There are many online forums and posts you can find by typing in the model number or perhaps just the brand and adding the word problems or issues or any number of similar words.  Find out what customers are saying about it and then research the television itself to see if its features are right for you and reduce your chances or avoid completely having the aforementioned Vizio TV Problems.