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Vizio LCD TV Problems – Vizio lcd TV

Vizio LCD TV Problems – The Issue

vizio lcd tv problems,vizio tv problems, lcd tv, vizio tv, vizio lcd tv, lcd tv problems,There are many common issues that can cause you to have Vizio LCD TV Problems.  Repair shops don’t always seem to have the necessary parts to fix them as models change regularly and the parts become harder to find.  Different models can have different issues for the same problem.  One example of this is the most common reported Vizio LCD TV Problem of the television powering on but nothing showing on the screen.  In one model the issue could be the Main Unit also called the motherboard; in another model the issue could be the power board, or possibly the backlight inverter.  It is the same problem on different model televisions with different fixes.

Vizio LCD TV Problems – Things to Consider

Trying to fix Vizio LCD TV problems yourself is certainly a possibility, the problem with this is mentioned above of having different issues for the same problem.  Some of these parts can be expensive and if it doesn’t fix the problem then you are out even more money.  Not to mention the complicated nature of some televisions; while one model may be simple others may not be.  Most parts can be found online through different retailers including Ebay.  Power boards and main units in particular can be over $100.  Sometimes they can be found cheaper but it all depends on the model of television you are dealing with.  Repair shops may charge quite a bit for these services on top of the cost of the part.  There are many reports of people being quoted for repairs that are near the cost of a new television.  If attempting a self repair you will want to know the part number of the board instead of going by the model number and type of board as the same model may use different parts.  For example the same model may have one backlight inverter or a master and slave board backlight inverter and it is likely the two will be sold separately.  If you are not savvy with electronics then do not attempt to fix your own television.  Power boards still have plenty of juice in them even after being unplugged.  It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Vizio LCD TV Problems – Parts and Labor

Vizio LCD TV Problems can be caused by many different issues.  The main parts of an LCD television are power board, Main unit (motherboard), Backlight Inverter, and LCD control (T-con).  Some of the smaller parts consist of an IR Sensor, control panel (power, channel, volume buttons etc.), and speakers.  One issue being reported is the remote not working which is usually due to the IR Sensor.  If your television is not powering on you can check with the remote and the side buttons to be sure and then the most likely candidate is the power board.  If the TV turns on but you see a black screen then it could be any number of issues as listed above.  Although this is typically from the power board it is also very likely to be any of the other main parts and may even be the screen itself.

When buying any new television you should do your research first and buy an extended warranty to cover any problems that may arise.  Vizio televisions do come with a factory warranty but it seems most of these problems occur after the warranty expires, naturally.  Buying an extended warranty through a reputable company can save you quite a headache later.  It is worth the extra money if something goes wrong. (Vizio LCD TV Problems)